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This feedback form can not handle DMCA take down request, please use the following links to file an abuse report.

Please read below if you want to file a DMCA report

LivingElectro does not host any audio or video file on our website.

All the media resource are shared by our members and linked to their hosting sites
like "" "" "" etc.

If you are the copyright owner and want to take down a video/audio file You should first send a DMCA report directly to the media file hosting sites. Usually they will take it down shortly after your report.

When the media file on hosting site are deleted, widgets, embed codes and links on LivingElectro will malfunction automatically.

We do not host or keep cache of any shared video/audio file on our site.

Here is a list of report links to most common media file hosting websites:

If you already filed DMCA takedown notice to the media hosting provider and your material is not getting removed you can use the following link to send us your abuse report. Please do NOT use the "Contact Us / General / Apply for staff / Advertisemnt / Report problem" feedback form because the abuse team can not receive your report and cause the take down handling process delayed.

DMCA take down request to remove links and disable embed codes

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