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London (University of Western Ontario)/Toronto, Canada. 18 Years old. If you’re wondering why i have the color, im ex-staff!

Sorry i dont have much posted here, still got lots off stuff to do, im a hobbiest DJ but I can make you dance your little hearts out. DJ’s have the must musical freedom of all musicians.

I generally just mess around and do private events during the year, and more professionally over the summer, hence the cheap gear vs the…not so cheap gear ;).

Hit me up if you guys have any questions about anything!!

A painter paints pictures on canvas, but DJ’s paint their pictures on silence.- DJ Redicc

Equipment list:

Mixers: DJM900 Nexus, DDM4000

CDJs: CDJ2000 ×2, CDJ900 ×2

TT’s: Stanton STR8. 150 ×2

Controllers: DN-MC6000, Twitch

Headphones: XD-53, K181DJ, HDJ 2000, HDJ500, Beats Pro, V-Moda Crossfade LP, HDJ 1500, Shure 550DJ.

Software: Traktor Scratch Pro 2, Serato Scratch Live, Ableton 8 Suite.

Midi: Novation Impulse 49, Akai APC40

Others: 15” Unibody i7 Macbook Pro x2
iPad, iPad2, 2x KRK Rokit 5 & 8, KRK 10s

Dj Redicc
STUDYING MY ASS OFF. Summer come to me.
6 years, 9 months ago
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Dj Redicc
We can do this until we pass out :)
8 years, 6 months ago
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