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Alexej Maier(21) and Alex Main(22), better known as the Producer/DJ Duo “Aselect”, are two very different characters.
But, there is one significant reason for the connection between these two, their passion and love for music.

Alexej’s dad was an DnB- and Techno DJ, so he early discovered his love for electronic music. It was only a matter of time until he himself would stand behind the turntables. In 2010 it was time.
At that time, performing under the name of “Realex”, he done huge progress with his Traktor controller and Reloop mixer quickly. Followed by some gigs in clubs in Memmingen.

2012 he got to know Alex Main, who then just listened to Progressive House, but hadn’t any experience as an DJ. He showed great interest for it,
so the two began to mix House-sets regulary. They quickly noticed, it’s no longer a challenge with a laptop and controller, so they get 2 Pioneer CDJ to improve their skills.

In the very same year they decided to not only Djing, but to produce their own music, too. There were some difficulties at the beginning, but starting 2013 they released
some mashups, remixes and original tracks, which together exceeded 100 000 downloads.
Watch out for these talented guys. New music will hit you soon.

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